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Title: Tron Legacy
Post by: armatage on February 14, 2015, 04:46:43 PM
So im watching Tron Legacy tonight, chilling after classes - without white russian or any other beverage unfortunately, because were already past the 10th - and I noticed this gem.

Backstory, if you didnt watch the movie, is like Bridges is living in some cyber world and hes just chilling doing nothing for 20 years of something, he cant go back to real world because then the bad guy could go to real world too, and hes like cool with it, meditating and shit. Then his son comes to the cyber world too and, like a douchebag that he is, he fucks everything up

This is really like meme material shit right here and its sooo dudely.

You know like sometimes not everything goes great and you could propably invest this huge amount of energy to change it but you're just sipping a white russian because for you its not important enough, maybe you will do it if you feel like it,maybe you wont, fuck it. And then this uptight urban achiever comes and is all like "you should do this, when will you do this, how exactly will you do this, why didnt you do it before, you shouldnt have another drink, smoking is bad for you" - and suddenly you feel yourself getting uptight too about this shit you were fine with before and the only thing you can respond is: "you're messing with my zen thing, man".

Sorry if I butchered Trons story, am a, uh, selective watcher - i dont even try to follow the story, I just wanted to see some Bridges but I dont want to watch TBL over and over again.

Uh, it said I cant post external link (fucking fascist), so just type "you're messing with my zen thing man" in youtube watch the first clip. Or, uh, you know what to do

www youtube com watch?v=eGundKbInZI