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Movies / Re: Jesus spinoff finally happening?
« Last post by BikerDude on August 25, 2016, 06:51:49 AM »
Surely there's a "second coming" joke in here somewhere...

Oh crap.
Now you did it

Living the Life of the Dude / Re: I get upset, my hair falls out
« Last post by BikerDude on August 25, 2016, 06:22:07 AM »
Politely broach the issue with neighbor and if it keeps up make a complaint.
Everyone has a reasonable expectation that those around them will not intrude on their mellow.
There are rules dude. This isn't Nam.
Call the cops.
Ideally that's what they are there for.
To keep the peace.
Hopefully they won't shoot his dog and then the neighbor because they feel threatened by the TV remote in his hand but barring that it should get some results.
Oh shit I see you already tried that.
Well you may need to press the issue with the cops.
I happen to know that these complaints are very common and the cops hate dealing with them.
They will eventually though.
Living the Life of the Dude / Re: I get upset, my hair falls out
« Last post by thevideoartist on August 24, 2016, 09:54:02 AM »
I know what you mean dude.  I go through a similar thing but with my neighbors.  I have one set that fight each other sometimes to the point of physically throwing each other into our adjacent walls, I have upstairs neighbors that have a dozen or so people over every weekend to drink beers and be loud and play repetitive spanish music (which I'm sure sounds great when you can hear more instruments than just the beat bleeding through the floor), Another set of neighbors have kids that are left unsupervised all day by their single working mom which is cool but their favorite pastime is to play soccer inside the house.  No dog situations but all frustrating.

In all of the above, I've tried talking to them, I've called the police (especially on the two who fight each other), I've passive-aggressively retaliated with my own noise... no results.  The truth is dude I just find it too exhausting and pointless now to even be bothered by it.  My special lady still hates it but I've worked more on helping her understand that these things will sort themselves out and we just have to be patient.  Our upstairs neighbors will get tired and pass out, the ones that fight eventually broke up though they could just as easily be hiding the other's body somewhere, and the kids next door are going back to school in a few weeks.  Headphones and using those noisy times to go out and do something fun are my ways of abiding.  I drink less since that tends to make me more irritable.  Just a general mindfulness of what will make things worse or better is a good thing to cultivate.

I'm sure the dog will eventually either be trained not to bark or get to old to want to... or maybe it'll bite some kid and get put down.  Dude we just don't know.  But in the meantime, find your rug, wherever it is.  Encourage your special lady to join you there... and abide.  Most importantly though dude, don't feel bad if it gets under your skin.  All dudes have troubles.  You take the good with the bad... then add some kahlua and make a caucasian.  Your troubles will never completely be over, but I don't know about you... I take comfort in that.  Means even in the worst situations, you're no better or worse than the rest of us, the choice to be content is still there all the time and if you choose not to, it's not a cardinal sin or a letdown... just that... a choice.

Take er easy dude.  I know you will.
Living the Life of the Dude / Re: I get upset, my hair falls out
« Last post by Dudeist Monk on August 24, 2016, 05:25:27 AM »
That there is some good advice by ZenDudeist.

We all have difficulty in abiding sometimes, but it really is the best thing to do.

Maybe every time you see your neighbor a little friendly reminder about the dog noise ("Your dog sounded lonely/upset/what have you again last night. Is it okay? Not ill or anything?" kind of thing.) might work. Nothing aggressive or confrontational, just nice and friendly. Maybe they'll get the message if it's mentioned every time you see them?

I don't know. Personally I'd do the headphones with some chilling music thing, but then I only have myself to worry about.

Hope it works out for you. Abide in peace, man.
Living the Life of the Dude / Re: Paved paradise.
« Last post by Liam_123 on August 24, 2016, 04:41:12 AM »
Nihilist bastards took my local bowling alley, where I had rolled at since I was a small kid, where I used to rent movies in my formative years when they had a side room VHS rental business, where I played my first game of mini golf outside, where I used to pretend I was Paul Newman in The Hustler on the back room pool tables, where I took my future wife on our first date, and turned it into fuckin storage sheds.

That sucks dude.

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Living the Life of the Dude / Re: Paved paradise.
« Last post by ZenDudeist on August 23, 2016, 11:30:03 PM »
Nihilist bastards took my local bowling alley, where I had rolled at since I was a small kid, where I used to rent movies in my formative years when they had a side room VHS rental business, where I played my first game of mini golf outside, where I used to pretend I was Paul Newman in The Hustler on the back room pool tables, where I took my future wife on our first date, and turned it into fuckin storage sheds.

Living the Life of the Dude / Re: Paved paradise.
« Last post by Reverend Al on August 23, 2016, 10:20:57 PM »
How about a go fund me campaign to buy it, and hire a bunch dudes from this site to run it. Only caucasians, oat sodas and sasparillas at the bar. Foot faults will be enforced.

At this point it would have to be one hell of a campaign, 'cause the building is well on it's way to becoming a BevMo.  ::)  It would probably be cheaper to build a bowling alley from scratch.
General Discussion / Re: Johnson?
« Last post by Reverend Al on August 23, 2016, 10:18:39 PM »
Where can I buy that shirt? Sums up my view of this election to a tee (I don't think The Dude used many puns). Anyway, it would really tie my hatred of Hillary and Trump together.

I don't really know.  Someone posted the image on Farcebook and I liked it, so I saved it.  I'd bet you'll find a bunch of them if you do a Google search for "Lebowski 16" or "Lebowski 2016".
Living the Life of the Dude / Re: I get upset, my hair falls out
« Last post by ZenDudeist on August 23, 2016, 04:10:38 PM »
The Dudely solution to your problem most likely involves a nice set of noise cancelling headphones, some creedence, and a good strong white russian, plus a nice rug to lay on.

But, it sounds like you got yourself all out of sorts about this dog situation man---I mean, if you feel the animal is mistreated, animal control (not the police) are the folks to get a hold of, but then again it all depends on how much you value whatever's left of a relationship with your neighbors---that said if the animal is seriously being mistreated, then I'd call A.C immediately anyway.

Is there any possibility of an amicable solution at all, or have things progressed too far?

You're under no obligation, and of course, it's not your fucking dog man, I understand, but---and this would all depend on how well your two animals got along, I'd maybe see about letting the dog come over to visit and play with your pooch once in a while---bring some canine happiness into the world etc... That would maybe make things a little more peaceful some of the time.

I don't know man, but unless you wan't to lose your special lady friend over this (seemingly) minor bullshit, I'd seriously consider getting some badass headphones and just learn to tune it out as best you can.


Humanism / Re: An "Organized" religion that is Very Dude like
« Last post by NiJoDude on August 23, 2016, 03:35:04 PM »
I'd go with this one, should I be excommunicated from dudeism.

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