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I was doing some research on this and it seems like CT (the state I live in at the moment) doesn't allow weddings to be performed by ordained ministers that are not active in the ministry. (http://wedlv.com/id98.html) I still have to check with my town clerk on the particulars, but it seems like the Dude can't go ahead and wed people like there's not tomorrow in Connecticut.

Here's a good list to start (http://usmarriagelaws.com/search/united_states/officiants_requirements/index.shtml), but I think we should maybe have a sticky or something in this forum on these issues.

This duder doesn't have $500 nor wants to spend a year in prison.  8)

Whaddaya think?

I am not a Dudeist priest myself, however if I were, I would not be the slightest bit interested in filing any government forms of any kind in this endeavor. I believe wholeheartedly in the separation of church and state, and therefore reject state intrusion into such matters. A solution would be to perform what ever ceremony is deemed appropriate by the parties involved and let them attend to any legalities themselves. You could perhaps offer to consult them re: marriage license  forms and thus achieve the same result without bowing to outside authority, or challenging said authority.

We are free to create and recreate as we wish. A true Dude seeks to preserve that freedom. 

Right, unfortunately marriage, as well as other ceremonies have legal and economic effects. That's why there are rules. You are definitely right: the simplest way is for the people to have a civil ceremony with legal effects and then a Dudeist one. This way you should be able to perform legally everything.

Maybe the goverment doesn't like our freedom but in the "Free World" there is complete freedom of religion, until you go against the law. Strangely if your religion tells you to cut the throat of goats it's ok; if instead it tells you to be relaxed it is not. Two weights and two measures?

Hey Dudes!!  I am new here, so I appreciate your patience.  I think if people actually want you, as a Dudeist, to perform a ceremony it is perfectly cool.  I am entirely for separation of church and state, and I think the most wonderful expression of freedom of religion is that a person can become a Dudeist Priest and legally marry people.  Proof that we still live in a free and religiously tolerant society.  But, you know, that's just like my opinion man.

Far out man.  8)


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