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Some kind of connection here dudes and dudettes.........

* Nixon's (in)famous comment.............

"You know, you see these bums, you know, blowin' up on the campuses." - Richard Nixon, NY Times May 2, 1970.

* Nixon is an icon of the Big Lebowski..............

* The Big Lebowski shouts...............

Your "revolution" is over, Mr. Lebowski! Condolences! The bums lost!

My advice is, do what your parents did! Get a job, sir! The bums will always lose-- do you hear me, Lebowski?  THE BUMS WILL ALWAYS.......

Men who are unable to achieve on a level field of play. Men who will not sign their names. Weaklings.  Bums.

I see Tau in the Big Lebowski here and some fucking Zen, dudes and dudettes. A literal connection or separate incidences? Am I wrong? An asshole? OK then.


I was thinking that the Dude and The Big Lebowski has similar attributes in subconsciously quoting people who influence them. Here is a lead..............

Theory...being a Nixon supporter, in the parlance of his times (if not a conservative Republican wanna be), the Big Lebowski was influenced by Nixon (i.e,; "bums" comments) deep in his id.........

Jeff Lebowski (the Dude) was influenced by many people deep in his id. As we can see him quoting many people in the movie; "this aggression will not stand, man!"

Conclusion.......the Dude and the Big Lebowski had many personality traits not readily or easily seen on the surface, but were there none the less.

Will be looking for more leads. Got the boys in the crime lab (my mind) working in shifts.

Good catch dude. I think the the dude's fuck it attitude may in fact be because the bums lost. Think about it; the port Huron statement got compromised, the civil rights movement failed to truly integrate and led to Detroit and many other cities burning, Nixon's national guard put down the Kent state uprising, Attica, the devolution of hippie idealism in to destructive nihilism like the weather underground and simbianese liberation army. He probably realized that ideologically pure idealism can only take one of two forms: ineffective pacifism, or becoming the fucking fascism it's fighting. One must abide in your ideals without any expectations outside of your own peace of mind.

Two of the greatest minds of the humanist era, France's Voltaire and England's Samuel Johnson both reached that same conclusion at almost exactly the same time, propagating that notion via their two most famous works of fiction: "Candide" and "Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia" respectively. Voltaire's is the funnier and more famous, but Johnson's is arguably more lovely.

After going on long idealistic journeys to find the meaning of life, they both discover that idealism is inherently flawed. both of the titular characters return to their homes and just sort of say "fuck it." The message of both novels is this: tend to your own little garden and be respectful of the other gardens in your vicinity. This was the holy decree of humanism.

In other words, humanism was one of the great Dudeist revolutions in history. The Lebowski Testament is the one for our time and place, but it has many antecedents.

Many learned men have dudesputed this.

Forumdude, you are definitely a wiser fella than myself. Happy 4th dude.


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