Author Topic: Taking it easy with a Little Lebowski?  (Read 1698 times)

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Taking it easy with a Little Lebowski?
« on: September 04, 2013, 12:18:46 PM »
     This may have been discussed already, but there was a recent article in the Huffington Post Canada that talked about time slowing down when you had kids. I cannot post the link but the article is called, "Time Doesn't Fly When You Have Kids, It Slows Down."
     For you Dudes out there with Little Lebowskis, do you agree? We all know that there is something that you should know about the Dude and raising a child, but it doesn't mean that other Dudes can't take it easy with a child being very un-Dude. This was how I responded to the Huffington Post's own call for discussion:

"My initial thought was this article spoke to the "speed" of one's life with children, not the perception of it. My response, in that case, is that it depends on how parents are raising their children; if the parents are filling their children's days with activities so that they will be the next superstar, life will speed up, and I would guess the perception of time may speed up as well. If you let your children play, be creative, and throw out the idea of wasted time, than I would suppose time would slow down. For further reading on slow parenting and not turning your kid into a time cruncher at the age of 6, read Carl Honore's book In Praise of Slowness. Take it easy everyone!"

Thoughts? Feelings? Opinions?
Dude or Dude not. There is no should.


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Re: Taking it easy with a Little Lebowski?
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2013, 02:11:36 PM »
I find the whole time thing situational.  Running kids from event to event makes it seem like I have no time.  Then, I find myself sitting in a Bingo fundraiser for my kids elementary school with no beverage, time goes by so slowly.

Actually, the hardest part is to be a Dude with your kids and let your kids be Little Leboswski's.  Way to many parents impart their hopes and desires on their kids and forget to let kids be kids.  I learned those lessions watching screaming parents at u10 soccer games acting like the game was life or death not knowing that 95% of these kids will not play soccer into college.

I became an ordained Rev of Dudeism to help stear myself away from these attitudes and do the same in my own gentle ways with others.  Trafiic still tests me greatly though.


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Re: Taking it easy with a Little Lebowski?
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2013, 05:50:08 PM »
27. Perfect Timing
Perfect timing cannot be imitated,
And perfect execution wastes no opportunities,
Perfectly tying up any lose ends.
Which is why perfect toddler charm still enthralls,
Because the toddler within each of us remains.
Content being forever easily distracted,
The weak can, surprisingly, become the strong,
Leading all with their perfect timing and charm.
While those who think they are perfect are always wrong.
If toddler humor itself is not respected,
And nurtured in myriad ways,
The laughs might still be great,
But the perfect timing and charm are always lost,
Because the perfection of naive grace can only be given away.

38. Pointless Personal Bullshit
Pointless bullshit is not always easily avoided;
Yet, personal bullshit is not easily surrendered;
Thus, pointless personal bullshit has enthralled generation after generation.
Humor does not care what is pointless bullshit, and so is naturally attained;
But pointless bullshit is intent upon humor, and so cannot attain it.
Humor neither acts nor reasons;
Love acts, but without reason;
Justice acts to serve reason;
But bullshit attempts to enforce reason.
When we lose our ignorant wisdom, there remains humor;
When humor is lost, there remains love;
When love is lost, there remains justice;
And when justice is lost, there remains pointless bullshit.
Mindless habits and rituals are the end of honesty and compassion,
The beginning of total confusion;
Belief is a colorful hope or fear,
The beginning of folly.
The comedian is guided by humor, not by hope;
She's a fruitcake, not a flower;
She accepts being dense, and, thus, ignores pointless personal bullshit.